Friday, July 1, 2011

Fashion Sites I Adore

So, in about 3 weeks I will be traveling to Europe for 6 weeks. I'm thinking a lot about money; I'm thinking about packing light, and what to take so I don't have to buy things there, and what to take so I'm prepared for ANYTHING. It's so exciting, but totally frustrating at the same time, because all I want to do is take my whole closet and every pair of shoes I own... and I know I can't. Not even close. So lately I've been hitting up Forever 21 pretty much around the clock, trying to score functional versatile but STILL CUTE clothing, shoes and accessories for the trip. I've also taken to searching the internet for websites catering to ALL women mainly when I'm bored at work.

I've compiled a few websites I really like:

Fashion to Figure
Loop 18

And then of course the usuals: F21, Torrid, Marshall's, Target, H&M, etc., etc., etc. And of course I'm a huge fan of thrifting (what fashionable, creative college student isn't?) which I actually plan to do some of this weekend.

Gabi Gregg, who is perhaps one of my favorite bloggers, says it best: "I shop at straight size stores and find things that I can wear, regardless of whether it fits the way the designer intended it. When you're fat and stylish you have to be creative. Though the options are definitely getting better, I still refuse to limit myself to what's readily available for plus sizes because I'm not satisfied... I still bring my fat ass into H&M, TopShop, and wherever else I want. They may not make clothes to fit me, but they can't stop me from making their clothes fit me."

This is such a good philosophy to have: if you like something, can afford it and want it, get it. Don't be afraid of "being able to" pull it off. Make it work.


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