Friday, July 1, 2011

...and we have liftoff.

Hi, my name is Beth. I'm a northern gal living, breathing, working, studying, loving and laughing in southern California. I'm 22 years old. I study art- I mean I study the history of art. I live in a tiny but relatively nice apartment in Riverside.

Northern friends visiting me in

Friends and I out and about in Hollywood.

I do tend to be a solitary creature, but my friends and family still play a big part in my life. Of course. I'm fortunate enough to have really good friends all over California, so I do travel around the state a lot. 

I am also madly in love with the most wonderful man on the planet. I'm a very lucky girl.

 My loverboy.




I love him. He calls me Princess. His Princess. Awww. What more could a girl ask for? Also, my parents love him, which is a good thing, now that I'm an old lady... no more rebellious you "loves" for me. 

So, you may be wondering what this blog is all about. 

In a word (err, in three words):

Three things I am very passionate about. I'm an eccentric character who loves DIY, cooking, fat fashion, clutter, makeup, GQ, music and who hates stereotypes, whimsy and seafood. I'll spend one Saturday night in with my boyfriend's sister making our own face and hair masks and dishing about boys while blasting the Jonas Brothers... and I'll spend the next Saturday night in a see-through top and fishnets at a goth/industrial club in downtown Hollywood with my crew.

Again, I'm an eccentric creature.

You see me rant a lot, push products, show off outfits, tell stories, post photos, and quite possibly go into way too much detail about my life.

I'll share recipes, projects and ideas.

I may share great deals, interesting facts or event I stumble upon.

I'll always link you to some of my favorite things.

I have no intentions with this blog whatsoever. I don't know how often I'll update. It may run itself into the ground. I may get one follower, I may get 100 followers. Maybe I'll get a million. All that matters to me is connecting with anyone who wants to.
What can I say? I'm an eccentric character.


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