Wednesday, July 6, 2011

All Them Curves, and Me With No Brakes

I've stumbled upon a few more sites that I'm really longing for money to spend on enjoying. I like the idea of wearing what you love, rather than wearing what you think you should wear. These sites sort of feed into this idea, and I can't wait for a little spending money so I can slowly begin re-inventing my wardrobe.

First, the Dorothy Perkins website is full of dresses, accessories, jewelry, coats, denim, pant, skirts, tops, cardis and shoes in styles that fit anyone's personal preference. Just keep in mind the UK sizing, and remember to convert your dollars to euro if you make a purchase!

I already mentioned City Chic in a previous post, but I wanted to take a minute to gush about their huge selection of virtually timeless pieces. I love fashion that never changes, like a string of pearls or a black dress. While much of what this fabulous website offers is relatively trendy, there are also plenty of wardrobe essentials to last. That is one of my favorite elements of good fashion.

Last but not least, the ASOS Curve line is another page I'm stuck on right now. My favorite things on the page are the pants and dresses, particularly the chiffon-sleeve bodycon dress. I want to hunt down whoever came up with putting plus size gals in bodycon styles and buy her (or him, for that matter) a drink. What a fabulous way to show off our assets! I happen to love a good knit pencil skirt for work, class, dinner or going out! Paired with a variety of tops, this type of skirt is one of the most versatile pieces in my closet. I love clothing that makes me feel a certain way, and bodycon skirts are amazing objects that can transform how you feel about yourself on any given day. Outfits like that empower me and make me feel gorgeous and sexy. Like my boyfriend (err, um, Duke Nukem) says, "all them curves, and me with no brakes". Swoon. Everyone should have swoon-worthy outfits (and hear swoon-worthy compliments!).

I also stumbled upon another blogger I'm in love with at the moment. Jay Miranda, creator of the Fatshionable blog, is a beautiful woman with a definite eye for amazing fashion. I'm stuck on her blog, and am finding myself wishing I had all of her clothes! I love her style.

Speaking of style, I'm loving the breezy outfit and attitude I have today. The weather here in Riverside is lovely, scary summertime weather, the kind of weather that makes all Southern Californians shudder at thoughts of wildfire... I happen to love it. It's eerily overcast and breezy, but hot as hell. My favorite summer weather. Today I rode my brand new bike to work, it made me feel healthy! My legs aren't used to it, but I love the 2 mile round trip ride I'll be getting in everyday as exercise.

Here are a few shots of my baby:

Today, to match the weather and my mood and my mode of transport, I decided to wear sandals (which I hardly ever wear), a black tank and a pair of black and tan tribal print harem pants. I've actually been intrigued by harem pants (a certain kind, not a fan of the giant baggy crotch kind) for awhile but wasn't sure how they would look on my body. I finally found a pair that suit (and actually flatter, my boyfriend tells me they make my bum look fab) my body. I love dressing to reflect my mood! A breezy outfit in dark neutrals, perfect for today.

I think I may go thrifting after work. I feel like doing something fun this afternoon, alone. I've had so much up and down lately, I need a little time to myself to be happy with myself. Today seems like a perfect day for that.


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